Mock GPS - Walk Simulator

This mobile application is a simulation that utilizes your phone's location to anywhere in the world. It allows fake information about your phone's location by allowing itself to setup fake GPS locations so that every other application believes you are in the place you positioned at. It also overwrites your current proximity for the same purpose. As such, this application allows both users and developer to just sit at their homes and develop or test other applications whose ability is to track GPS information, as well as virtually walk and jump from different locations by using the on-screen touch navigation controls without actually moving. Features/Highlights: 1) Jump or walk from your current position to other places. 2) Move at any direction by using the on-screen touch navigation controller. 3) Create waypoints using Google Maps to follow as if you are walking or driving by using the predefined waypoints. 4) Computes the "walk distance" from your current position to any places, works with waypoints also. 5) Best tool to simulate developer's application that supports nearby features such as: near by taxi, condos, restaurants, tours, GIS, etc. 6) Can re-position and save overlay navigation controls to any style or position you want and can be switch on/off via notification bar/panel. 7) Works well with Android 6 Marshmallow and up. Please check "Mock Guide" inside the app for the tips on how to use this app.
Operating System Android