Spectral Gear - Get Me Out

GetMeOut, is another first for the Paranormal field, a GPS tracker that allows for real time marking and tracking of events and hot spots. Have you ever been investigating a large area, such as woodland or a graveyard, and need to mark waypoint's or POI during your investigation. With our application you can create markers and add a text snippet and then store them in the internal DB (A central internet facing DB will be available in upcoming releases, which will allow a global collaborative effort of markers). Provides a "home" marker, which is used for directions should you get lost which integrates with GoogleMaps. Features: > Makes use of your devices GPS and integrates with GoogleMaps-> Realtime tracking of your location-> Create markers for POI during your investigation, can assist with evidence review-> The HOME marker can be used as an endpoint, in case of getting lost, the application will integrate with GoogleMaps and get you back "home"Keep an eye out for updates. Any questions, please get in touch.
Operating System Android