fuelGR: fuel prices & stations

With fuelGR for Android you can see on map the fuel stations and their prices for all the Greek state. The application receives data either according to the geo-location of the device (uses the GPS signal of the device) or based on the location pointed out by the user on the map (with long press). You can also filter out the received data based on the desired brand, fuel type and price age. Fuel types supported are petrol (all types), diesel (all types) and liquid gas (LPG). The application in THE ONLY ONE with manually verified fuel station positions (for >90% of the fuel stations). This allows services like Google Street View pictures for the stations, estimation of distance to a station, navigation guidance, etc. The application even provides a facility for the user to suggest the right station position in case of misplaced stations. The application receives price data several times per day from the Greek Fuel Prices Observatory (an official Greek state service). As a result the fuel station owners are the only responsible for the data accuracy displayed by the application, excluding geolocation and telephone numbers which are added by the fuelGR team. By downloading and using this app you agree with the disclaimer of the fuelGR app that is accessible at the bottom part of the current page. The application uses your location for all spatial services mentioned. You can disable it if you are concerned but you will lose all the related functionality. The application uses storage space to cache the latest received price data. In this way you can have basic info (for an area about 40X40Km) even if you are disconnected from the internet.
Operating System Android