To defeat this evil - the evacuation of illegal, share our link with your friends. To protect the car needed a second Android smartphone in the car with the installed application, an acceleration sensor and module GPS. The first phone - the phone owner, who can take a call from Anti-Tow and SMS (any phone GSM). The program detects any impact on the car and is designed for instant alerting car owner on the phone in the following situations: fixing work on the wheels of the car in preparation for evacuation. picked up a car from the ground, swing, rotation, translation. strikes on wheels, glass, car body. attempt to remove the wheels. cracking attempt, theft, opening the doors of the cabin, hood, trunk In all the above cases, for 4-7 seconds, you will go alarm (Call to the phone and SMS message) Since entering the alarm, you will have 3 - 3. 5 minutes to get back to their car and save him from the "claw tow. " And if your car is still evacuated, do not worry, you'll know where to find it on the map Google maps. Internet is not required, all information about the location of your car, come to your phone by SMS. By purchasing our program, you will avoid the evacuation of your car at the car pound, save money, time and nerves. App features: Three modes set points 10/50/100. Call to another phone - owner of the car. SMS with a link to the map Google maps. Sensitivity adjustment and visualization of noise. SMS commands for remote start. Timer 3 and 5 minutes for forgetful. Autostart when phone boots SMS commands: For safety reasons, these commands are executed only with the owner number. on -- enables alarm off -- disables alarmgps --send SMS with the coordinates the car in Google mapscall -- call to car ownersms on -- enables the sending of SMSsms off -- disables the sending of SMScall on -- enables call the ownercall off -- disables call to ownertimer 3 -- enables timer for 5 minutestimer 5 -- enables timer for 5 minutestimer off -- disables timer auto mode. We guarantee 100% refund of your money if your phone does not support our program, or you do not like it. Write to us and we will refund your money. Join our community: Vk: Liked our app? Rate us.
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