OBD2 /OBDII Bluetooth Tester

Finally a tool to easily check and verify the function of your OBD Bluetooth Adapter. This little app will save you hours of aggravation with any of the many Bluetooth OBD apps on the market by allowing you to send OBD2 PID requests to the adapter - then giving you a view of the adapters response, line by line. If your OBD Bluetooth adapter sends back all the information needed on one line, it's doing a great job, and you can rule it out as causing problems. If the adapter responds with the OBD data split and garbled across several lines, this indicates that the adapter is likely to blame for any errors your OBD app is having. Simply tap the top right button to make the device discoverable, select a connection mode with one of the buttons next to it, tap the input field at the bottom of the screen and type in a four digit PID code, such as 0104, 0105, 010c, 010d and send. The response from your OBD2 adapter will display on the screen. Tap the send button without typing in a new code, and the last code will be sent to the unit again. If you send codes in rapid succession and the returned message gets garbled or split, your adapter is too slow to keep up with most of the dashboard type apps, meaning it can't keep up wit the real-time data need. We suggest you review a good source of OBD2 PID codes before using this app because the data you send is not filtered. This means that you can send codes which will clear or reset your vehicle's diagnostic data. You can use this app to read and reset trouble codes as well.
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Version 1.0
Operating System Android