I am here for S60

We often give directions and have to explain addresses or important locations. With I am here you can put yourself, your office, your favorite restaurant, any place on the map - and send the location to anyone's phone! How does I am here work? I am here is the precision-locating tool for Nokia Maps you can use any time directions are needed! It locates you using GPS or Cell ID positioning and points your position on the familiar Nokia map on your phone. Even GPS positioning can be unreliable and imprecise, so with I am here you can manually fine-tune any inaccuracies or pin-point another location you want to direct someone to. You can then send this point via SMS to the person(s) needing your directions. The app turns your selected map location into a tiny URL ready to send as a text message. This way you can add important information to your SMS, for example, additional directions ("look for a red door") or time and date of a meeting. The location link you send can be viewed by everyone in their mobile browser, no matter what type of phone they have. When can I am here help you out? ? You're at a bar the exact address of which you don't know and want to invite your friends. ? You just finished a meeting and need to direct your driver to pick you up. ? You are throwing a housewarming party and want to send an SMS with a map of your new address together with the time and date to all your invitees. ? You have a business meeting and need to instruct the attendees how to get to your office. ? You are late for a meeting so you want to apologize and direct your friends to a nearby coffee where they can comfortably wait. ? Lost in a city you're visiting, you send your whereabouts to your friend who lives there and is having a hard time to find you. ? You want to send longitude and latitude data so your friends can directly import it in their car's GPS device.
File Size55.38 kB
Operating System Symbian OS 9.x Mobile Symbian
System RequirementsSymbian S60 3rd 3.1 or higher, S60 5th edition and Symbian^3 edition Nokia device