GeoMeterPro 10

The languages of this application are English, French and German. The "Swiss army knife" of GPS tracking for all outdoor professionals. The first app with active track navigation. User Manual: feature=watch Mail: GeoMeterPro 10 offers you: Maps: from HERE, MTB-Europe. Outdooractive (in app purchase). rotation in 2 modes (compass or movement). download and offline use -Compass: magnetic, or direction of movement. target point display with distance -Favorites: management, sorting, filtering. quick selection in map. import of gpx or kml waypoints. export as gpx -Tracks: accurate recording with pause the recording after restart. size reduction by threshold value method. evaluation with graphic height profile. import and export format is gpx. edit and save. download from GPSies. export and import. load from browser download or e-mail attachment. export email. import GeoCaches. navigation -Routes. Direct calling of phone navigation with POI. calculation for car, bike, pedestrian. calculation even across multiple points. manual creation. save as track and use offline (Currently the route calculation Service is free of charge. Should the supplier not more free make this available, could in the future a fee of 1 to 2 cents per route calculation by outdoor routes apply). Free selection of: language (English, German, French). coordinate system (D, DM, DMS, UTM WGS84). units (metric, imperial, nautical) -Miscellaneous: direct access all functions. snapshots of the maps. emergency SMS. send position data. geocaching. car Finder. home navigation. Pull pins in the map.automatic location data discovery after pulling the pins -Trial: fully functional. usage period of 5 hours. scope on 1000 m limited Privacy policy GeoMeterPro 10 uses your location to show it in a map or to get driving directions to a different location. vsappware does not collect or save data while using this service.
Operating System Windows Windows 10 Mobile Windows Mobile
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)