GPS Photo for Windows 10

GPS Photo is a Cortana supported app that allows you to take photos from your device, such as the Windows 10 Phone, desktop, or laptop, and then add/edit up to 2 Geotags to your photos. The primary tag is the location of your mobile phone and the secondary tag is the targeted object that your photo taken. You can then plot multiple photos onto a satellite or street map. Instructions: 1. Launch your app from the apps menu, 2. Alternatively you can start Cortana with the following speech commands: "GPS get location" or "GPS get GPS" or "GPS get data" Cortana will open the app and jump to Step 3 to get the secondary geotag. "GPS take photo" or "GPS take picture" or "GPS take a snap". Cortana will open the app and jump to Step 4 to get the primary geotag. 3. (Optional) Press the "Save GPS" button to save a Geotag point at location you are standing. This will be saved as the secondary Geotag point whenever you save a new photo. You can manually fine tune the location of the pointer "Save GPS" on the map by moving the pointer manually. Secondary geotag can be placed at a location or an object that you want to take the photo but you cannot access it. 4. Press the "Take Photo" button to capture a photo to be saved into your pictures library. The photo will automatically save the primary Geotag (the location you are standing) as your current/primary location. If you have taken step 3 the secondary geotag is written to the photo file as well. 5. Press the "Plot Map" button, and choose one or multiple photos from your picture library, to be plot onto the map based on the saved Geotag points. Privacy Policy for GPS Photo: GPS Photo uses your internet connection to download and update the content. This application doesn't: a) Collect & use any personal information b) Store any personal data c) Share it to third party If you have any question about this application, please send an email to Mengsoftware at email
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows 10 Mobile Windows
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)