China Train Ticket for 12306

Summary[China Train Tickets for 12306]For china mainland railway tickets.Real-time buy train tickets, refunds, reschedules, query train schedules/delay/route map/arrival reminder.Voice assistant guide you buy tickets.Support China Mainland ID card, Hong Kong and Macao Permit, Taiwan Permit, Passport registration account.Support All models railway trains.G High-Speed / C Intercity EMU / D Electric Multiple Units / K Fast / T Express / Z Direct Express etc.Support Alipay / fingerprint payment, UnionPay payment.Share travel information to Passbook / Wallet and WeChat.This software and 12306 official website full encrypted communications, safety and reliability.24 hours of unmanned tickets monitoring!Automatic make order when monitoring success!Don't worry about peak season tickets cannot be bought!=== Features ===[Ticket monitoring]After selecting monitoring plan, 24 hours unmanned monitoring for tickets.Multiple combinations of monitoring plans, more opportunity to success.Monitoring success automatically receives alerts to payment without having to wait for watching.[Pay]support Alipay payment.Support UnionPay payment.[Feature]Buy tickets, reschedule, refund core feature all in one.Train timetable, delay, route mapCtrip hotel / airplane / bus ticket (Chinese language only)[Buy ticket steps]Register and loginPassenger verifies status displays as pending or not pass, please take valid ID card to your nearest railway station to verify.Verify phone numberSelect from and to city and departure date query trains.Select a train, seat type, passengers and ticket type to make an order.Pay the order by AliPay or UnionPayTickets pick up: After your tickets have been successfully purchased, go to any railway station or authorized ticket office in mainland China with a valid ID (this should be the same as the one used for your booking) and your ticket pickup number, which is the letter E followed by a series of numbersContact us:
License Free
Version 8.2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up