Sounds familiar?Very often the flights of our love ones match the time when we are at work, at a business meeting or in the kitchen, while having dinner, late at night when we are sleeping or all sort of other activities, which prevent us from tracking the progress of their flight.Our solution!Our app is the solution of this inconvenience. With just a look of an eye, you can get the information you need without having to search through thousands of flight trajectories, when you only need one.How it works?With our app you get double checked data. You pay for one flight track, get another one for free. It is up to you to decide the number of notifications and therefore the price of the service. Solid data feedback even at low coverage.About the notifications.You get notifications for flight departure and landing, as well as current speed of the airplane, outside temperature at the place you are ariving and delays.Notifications for departure and landing will be sent for sure (please note, that if you start tracking a plane which is already in the air, notification for departure won't be sent).All other notifications are being sent randomly. In case of delay of a flight, all notifications for delay are at the expense of the provider, so you won't pay for them.In some cases, in order to view the entire text of the notification, you need to slide it down. If you tap on it, you will enter the main screen of the app with the map and the progress of the flight.*Guidance to how to use the app.1. Enter the app2. Click on "Buy subscription" or "Get bonus order" if you have paid for one flight and you are now using the bonus flight track.3. Carefully type in the the flight number.4. Very carefully choose the flight you want to track. Since there are flights with identical numbers, the only diference is the date and the departure time of the flight. So make sure to click on the exact date and hour of departure of the flight you want to track.5. The app may need a moment or two, because the data is coming from a lot of places which are often on different continents, moreover the information is being double checked. After that you can track the actual progress of the flight on the map and get notifications.6289899570
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.20
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up