SOWG Journey

SOWG Journey is a mobile application that allows you to record your trip routes, save memories and share your experiences with friends. It's a handy app for all kinds of outdoor activities like exploring places, driving around, hiking, cycling, skiing, and much more. While recording your trips with SOWG Journey, you can continuously view your current location on the displayed map along with all trip statistics.Be it a solo adventure or a journey with the crew, SOWG Journey's helpful features make it a must-have on every trip.SOWG Journey records all your trips and saves them for future display. While recording a journey, you can pause, resume, or save it to your list of trips. You can even save points of interest and attach media files (images, videos, and voice notes) linked to a specific location that will be displayed as a pin on the map. Pinned attachments and locations can also be edited, moved or deleted at any time.Recall past experiences with associated pictures, points of interest, videos, voice and text notes that are shown along the route. Edit a pre-saved trip, rename it, or even delete a single trip or group several trips. Different colours can also be assigned to each trip. Plus, saved trips can be used as a guide to finding your way back easily without getting lost.Share your route, points of interest and pictures with friends and other SOWG Journey users so they can follow your steps. Import or export trips to GPX, KML and KMZ formats and publish your trips on ESRIs ArcGIS Online.SOWG Journey supports online and offline maps along with recording, allowing you to download a specific area map locally on the device and record the trips later in an offline mode without the need of an internet connection.SOWG Journey is perfect to plan your upcoming trips. You can search for sites of interest or nearby locations, pick the ones to visit, save them on the app, create the route for the trip and navigate with ease.Define your own settings for measuring units, trip colours, buffer distance and autosave intervals.
License Free
Version 1.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up