Visited: Map where ive been. Travel Tracker App

Where have I been? See all the places youve been to with our free countries visited map. It is the ultimate digital version of a travel scratch map. Visited also comes with personalized travel stats, so you can get inspired to travel the world. It is the perfect app to keep track of your travel journey and bucket list.Heres the rundown of all the things Visited will let you do as you mark up your travel map:Easily select from the list of countries or directly from the world map to populate your own customized travel map.Fully customizable map with customized colors. The app displays the full map of the world, colored by where you live, been and want to visit in the future.Mark all the countries you wish to visit for your own personalized travel goal. Keep track of where the travel bug takes you.Improve your knowledge of geography by using the interactive map to see the whole world with country flags and learn about interesting statistics for each country.Rank yourself against other travelers with your own personalized map.For each country where you want to visit or have been in the past you can maintain your own unique travel journal by inputting your own personalized travel notes.See the top 10 countries that travelers from your country have travelled to. With a quick visualization of countries that you have yet to visit, it is the ultimate travel inspiration tool.Share your customized map, rank and travel infographic via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email or Print it and display "Where I've Been" proudly.You can see all your visited countries in one visualized map. The perfect app for those with wanderlust and the travel bug. Check off every country you want to visit on your travel bucket list. Once you have your list, you can get your very own personalized travel infographics.The app will show your personalized travel stats including:Percentage of the world seenNumber of countries been toHow far you have travelled based on your own travel goalWhat percentage of U.S.'s states you have visitedHow you rank among global travelersSee how you rank among people in your country for top 10 countries visitedSee what percentage of each continent you have been toVisited is the ultimate travel tracker & map of the world. With the following key map features:Full World ViewUnited States visited map (We have an in-depth states Ive been to map view)Canada visited map (Full map of Canada with all provinces)United Kingdom visited map (Full map of the UK with countries)Australia visited map (Full map of Australia with states)Download Visited today and start tracking all the places youve been to!If youve enjoyed using Visited, please leave a review for fellow travelers to read. We appreciate any feedback to make Visited the best way to track of all the places youve been to, and all the places you want to explore! Help us make this the ultimate where Ive been map of the world!
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android