World Map Flying

Try to fly the world map! !Get the Flags of the World and photos.Within playing, flags and you can learn the nature and location of the country. Aim, world domination! !>>At Ver3.50, fixed a bug in the image processing terminates substantially revised.Improved interface from Ver3.40. You can set the background image in flight.The search for Flickr images from Ver3.30 "search tags", "UploadDate", "order"You can now set up.---- Recommended Settings -----"World Heritage Journey" (Search tags:"World heritage" Date:"ALL" Sort by:"interestingness-desc")"Cat of the Week" (Search tags:"cat" Date:"One week ago" Sort:"interestingness-desc")"Looking beautiful world" (Search tags:"girl" Sor:"interestingness-desc")Heat map can be found in the countries visited than Ver3.20. Added support for Wikipedia search again.Has enhanced the image viewer.Multi-touch, flick through, and improved operations.Please try.method of operation.[1] The strength of the rubber in the power (1-3)sets.[2] Pulling Droid.[3] Determine the direction to fly.[4] Release.[More]If you have a landing point Flickr public image can be viewed.NEXT to start again from the landing sitefalling into the sea and try again.[Album Function]Add Album Function.Select an album from the menu, you can see the additional photos.You can check the album menu button at any time.Visitors can see a heat map to the number of buttons on the map.Link to Wikipedia for the country information in the Wiki button.[Image Viewer]The action flick, the previous image, move to the next imageCompatible with multi-touch zoomSingle-tap, open the menu bar[Option Setting]Available from the Menu button in the titleHow to view the mapRetrieving Flickr Image NumberFlickr tag searchFlickr Find DateFlickr orderDatabase location (main memory / SD card)
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