Wien - Vienna Free WiFi

The app Vienna Free WiFi stores the location of Cafes and Restaurants with a free WiFi hotspot on your phone, so that you can find them even without internet access.You can list all cafes near your current GPS location or select a Wien neighborhood by name or postal code.The app provides an overview map with offline cache, allowing you to view the map without internet connection.Just select the menu option Overview Map on the WiFi Spot List Screen when you have an internet connection. The app will then store this map on your device so that you can later also view it without internet access.The WiFi Spot Details screen provides a menu option to view the WiFi spot location on Google Maps or on the Overview Map. But only the Overview Map can be used without internet access.The app has now also a subway map and shows the WiFi spots near a Wien U-Bahn station.Features:- View Free WiFi Spot locations on a map with offline cache- Get free WiFi internet for your phone or laptop- Find free WiFi spots when your phone Internet is too slow- Avoid data roaming charges when traveling to Vienna- Find a Cafe with a free WiFi hotspot near your GPS location- Select a Vienna Neighborhood by name or postal code- Search WiFi spot near a Subway station- The App can also be used without Internet connection- The App can also be used without GPS*New: Subway map and search WiFi spot near subway station.
Operating System Android