Where's everyone?

"Where's everyone?" is a location sharing application.Will be shown on a map the location of other users.This application does not require users to register.So easy.*UsingFirst, Please decide the keywords with your friends.(15 characters Alphabet and numeric)When you start Android apps "where's everyone?", the dialog will appear.Please input nickname and the keyword to decide with your friends. And you press "Yes" button, start the service.To share your location, please always prepared to capture the GPS location of my.The location updates are performed every 3 minutes.However, depending on how the server load may change this interval.Number of users can view up to 50 people at a time.*End of applicationTo exit the app, please press the back button.Exit confirmation dialog box appears.*NotesAbsolutely do not want others to know your location!What is more Please do not use this service.Uploaded to the server information is below.* Location and Locale* Nickname* Keywords* Disposable auto-generated random IDand remain on the server access log, does not see an application.The Refresh button image was provided by VisualPharm.http://www.visualpharm.com/*****Join the charity*****This time the Japan of the Great Earthquake, has received quite a shock.Also, as you can yourself,Android Apps, "where everyone?" at the Advertising revenue will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.Period, March 2011 - and now for May.For donations and the proceeds, I would like to report here.However, receive revenue from advertisers because they are strictly, and please refrain from unnecessary clicks.In normal use the application to receive, if any worrisome ad, I think that you click on it.Thank you.
Operating System Android