My Guardian Angel

To search a store like Walgreen's,type in Walgreen's on the search engine on your right,then a key pad comes up on the bottom and click the search engine button again! After that locations will pop up on the map with our logo as each location. Press it and it reveals which location it is. If you are going out to eat and want a specific food like pizza,type in pizza and do the same process!When you have multiple locations and want to find the closest location, press the button on bottom left! All locations will be removed, except the closest location! Click menu button to go to quick click to all parking, hospitals, bars, gas stations,shopping and hotels near you! Click the Adv search to enter a address you choose to go to then enter address. After that a location will pop up on the map with our logo, then press it and then press the big red button with the arrow on it to send it to your Gps! Like us on Facebook,we have videos to show how to use the app and in the comments! Thank you and enjoy this wonderful time saving app!! would like to share a personal story of how I came up with the idea to create My Guardian Angel gps app! First I would like too say I dedicate making this app for my Big Sis,may she be resting in peace! I live in Illinois and last year I was in San Marcos Texas to help take care of my older sister Mary Elizabeth Hernandez who had stage 4 cancer and was not doing too good! I stayed at a hotel near her place and one morning while i was about to have breakfast and she called me! She said there was a emergency and to please come quickly and take her to the hospital emergency room! Immediately I dropped what I was doing and went quickly to get her! I had to help her get to and in the car! As soon as she was in the car I asked her for the name and location of the hospital so I can put in in my gps! She said please just go, we need to go now! She said I will tell you how to get there, just drive! While driving she was directing me on which way to go because I am not from Texas! While on expressway she was almost passing out and I almost went in panic mode!! I kept asking her to please try to stay up and asking questions like, whats the hospital name, next exit we get off on and any info in case she passed out! I was praying to God she would stay up long enough to get to the hospital! I knew her life was in my hands and was thinking if she passed out, what was I going to do!! Would I have to pull over and search for nearest hospitaI or call 911!! From experience, 911 not always best option! Once me and my brother saved a guys life by quickly getting him to the hospital! They told us if we had called 911, he would not have made it!! Every second can make the difference between life and death!! I thought to myself ,why don't they have a button to press that puts closest address of a hospital into your GPS in seconds!! That is how I came up with the idea and My Guardian Angel was created to help people who go through a similar scary situation, to help them possibly save their loved ones life!! Special thanks To James Quake, owner and founder of Quake Technologies! Thanks for turning my idea into reality!! My Guardian Angel is my Big sister Mary Elizabeth Hernandez, who is yours? God bless!!like us on -----> have videos on how to use our app and in the comments also!!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Like Poetry? Like Poetry by Candy Sunshine Hernandez
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None