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Europe's first Audio guide written by cruise experts, ideal for Vantage Deluxe World Travel, when travelling on the Majestic Rivers of Europe: Castles, Cathedrals & Fairytales and absolutely suited for Switzerland, The Heart of the Rhine & Moselle.Whether you start your trip in Amsterdam, Basel, Mainz or Budapest, whilst visiting the colourful Netherlands or Germany with its famous Rhine Valley or the breathtaking Wachau in Austria, or anywhere else in between, enjoy over 600 unparalleled stories of the must see sights in Europe along its most iconic rivers, created by travel professionals, nautical experts and local guides.All available offline. The ultimate device to use before, during and after your trip.The River Cruise App turns your mobile device into a personal expert containing a complete guide of must see, as well as less known sights along the European rivers and waterways.The GPS navigation pin points where you are and the narration informs you about every point of interest and gives tips and advice about the local hangouts in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland and the Netherlands.You can listen to it all or choose your preferred themes such as; 20th Century Conflicts, Legends & History, Nature, Nautical & Water Management, Urban Development and Personal Recommendations. The virtual tour guide is always there to explain it all, while the world around you unfolds with facts and stories, accompanied by music and sound effects.Our writers have for decades lived and breathed on the river, reviewing every place that makes it into our carefully prepared guides. Whether you're interested in the main sights or the local hangouts, they are ready to take you there.Although developed for river cruisers and for use on a boat, it is also perfect for all other types of holidays and recreation along or close to the river. Whether following the water on a bike like the popular Danube bike track (Donauradweg) or the equivalent along the Moselle or travelling on foot, by train, in a car or touring coach - our audio guide fits in perfectly and can handle any pace.THE RIVER CRUISE APP* Is easy to use. Just download it and enter your login code and select your cruise. It immediately offers the download of applicable audio guides for use offline. You can also download each applicable audio guide separately.* Shows your selected audio guide as a long list of points of interest with accompanying audio tracks corresponding to the kilometre markers along the waterway.- Offers Trivia, fun facts and insider information, about the rivers Danube, Rhine, Main & Moselle and the Dutch Waterways and many more to come*Listening to it again and again at any time or reading it or sharing it with friends while looking at the pictures you took. The River Cruise App is yours to keep as a lasting memento.SPECIFICATIONS* No internet/WiFi required. Once downloaded, there is unrestricted access, even without internet. No more roaming!* No limits/always available without further charges.* No ads, pop ups or cookies. In fact no third party interference of any kind:
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