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Live running train status, time tables, station status, PNR enquiry with prediction, a unique berth & seat calc, and reservation date calc for Indian Railways.Amaze your co-travelers by telling them "Hmmmm.. we are running twenty minutes late", without looking outside!Live Train IRCTC PNR Status is fully featured all in one App.It is one of the fastest and a very light weight application to find all necessary information about Indian Railways with a very simple interface. You can book train tickets and get Live Train Information like how much delay your train is and position at any time as well as a ton of information like Platform number, Train schedule, seat availability, PNR Status etc.Live Running Status:Just enter the train name or number in the search box of the app and autocomplete will help you in completing name/number. select and get summarized live IRCTC/NTES train status and information anytime, anywhere. Select a different date from floating menu or refresh the status. Search history contains route information also. Click one from history list for one click search.Live Station Enquiry:Enter Station Code/Name, Autocomplete will help you in completing the station name/code. Chose via station and duration(time within next 2,4,6 or 8 hrs) and simply click on get trains. The list contains required information. The via station is optional, you can let it empty. Click on train number will show the live status of that particular train for the date it started on. Click one from history list for one click search.PNR Check:Enter the PNR number, get the latest status of PNR. Clicking on PNR number(In available Previous/Upcoming list) will refresh the PNR. Clicking on Train number will show you the live running status.Seat Availability CheckCheck for the seat availability just with a few clicks. Autocomplete will help in station names. Select start date and click on get Trains. The new screen will have a list of trains with the classes, clicking on a class will get the availability in the train for next 6 days and the fare too.Train Between Stations:Search for trains between stations( Direct as well as via different station). The list show direct trains separately. Via trains list shows Trains from source to Via station and Via station to Destination station. Click one from history list for one click search.Train Schedule:To check train schedule must switch the button off which is there live train page. switching it off will check the button name to get Schedule. Simple enter the train number /name, or select from the autocomplete suggestion list and it will get the data and display.Rescheduled/Cancelled/Diverted Trains:List of IRCTC/NTES trains which is rescheduled/Cancelled/Diverted. Filter it by date or type or search from in the list. Refresh the list from floating menu. Canceled trains have two separate lists, Fully canceled and Partially canceled.Trains affected by Fog:List of trains affected by fog. It has delayed trains, rescheduled and canceled(fully and partially). The floating menu can be used to refresh or filter the list. The delayed trains also have full view of its running status, by clicking on the individual train from the list.Dissimilar:Please Note: The app is privately maintained and does not have any affiliation whatsoever to Indian Railways or NTES or IRCTC. Data provided by the app are just for Information Purpose. Information available here is collected from various sources and are subjected to change without any prior information. We value the source of information and maintain professional ethics. You are requested to re-verify it from
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