You're craving a short break, but you've only got the weekend off? There are still so many amazing places on your bucket list left for you to discover? You want to dive head first into nightlife, arts, and entertainment, dance your way through vibrant metropolises, or simply hang loose on the beach? Let us do the work! Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll show you the best offers for weekend city breaks - including flights and hotel accommodation! The weekenGO app is here to save you a lot of ­time and nerves on research. Instead, you'll profit from the hottest deals offered by leading travel companies like Expedia, Kiwi.com and Booking.com. A wide range of destinations awaits you. Get inspired and use the weekenGO app to find your perfect weekend getaway! 1 - SEARCH & FIND: The deal has to fit you, not the other way around.Select one or several departure airportsWithin seconds, you'll get the best flight & hotel combinations for all destinations that can be reached via non-stop flight. You can book your weekend break at last minute or plan it months in advance.A weekend is too short for you? Simply extend your trip by selecting different days, for example Thursday to Sunday. Adapt flight times to your agenda and not vice versaWe do the price check for you! We'll show you the best deals on all destinations within your selected dates. The more flexible you are, the better deals you'll get.Keep an eye on the app - your favorite offers will get updated on a regular basis. 2 - INSPIRATION: So many great offers, so many beautiful places to see. Where to first?Shopping or culture? Lazing around or going to the beach? Decide on a motto for your weekend trip.Filter the search results by destinations, hotel category, food and drink, price, and more.Sort destinations by popularity and follow our recommendationsDecide on a destination based on the cheapest offer, or......choose your dream destination and leave it to us to find the hottest deal for you.3 - QUALITY: We care about your weekend. Famous airlines guarantee non-stop flights to your destination All hotels have great reviews and are located near the town centerChoose your preferred hotel category: Good value, high standard, or luxuriousTreat yourself! Click the diamond button to find the best deals on five star hotels. Maybe you just want to spend the weekend relaxing? You're only one click away from all suitable wellness hotels.You can also add destinations to favorites - this way you'll never lose sight of them4 - INDEPENDENCE OVER PACKAGE VACATION: After all, you know the ropes of travelingBook your flight and hotel individually with famous online travel agencies. After determining the lowest prices, we'll direct you to the respective provider.Booking your plane tickets and hotel stay is as simple as booking a package tour.To help you decide, we offer great insider tips and interesting trivia about all destinations weekenGO finds the cheapest flights for you, for example with: JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines or Frontier Airlines. Our booking partners are booking.com, Expedia, Hotels.com, Kiwi.com, and many more.Got questions, feedback, or ideas for us? Feel free to get in touch with us via e-mail: info@weekengo.comWe're looking forward to hearing from you!
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