Global GPS Navigation, Maps & Driving Directions

Travel to Whole Wide World with Your Travel partner Global GPS Navigation & Maps will be with you. It's a FREE app with directions to reach Nearby places to Google Map navigation, from Google Translate to Currency Converter, Weather Forecasts to Route Finder. Travel around the world and navigate using any method of transportation. It isnot an offline map navigation but your device should connect to 3G, 4G or WIFI. It is a GPS route guide that helps you reach your desired location by using this Application. Global GPS, Maps & Navigation Directions enables one to Find Routes and locations in Google Maps, Share Current Location on a Map. This is the best app to share yourlocations with friends. Google Maps best features are integrated into it giving you accurate directions & navigations results. It highlights blocked Traffic areas on Map and save your time.For your safe travel we have added Features like Google Maps, Share Location, Route Finder, Nearby Locations, Google Translate, Weather Forecast & Currency Converter. These features will make your trip safe and accurate which saves your time. Live Street View Maps & offline Maps will be added in an update of Global GPS Navigation & Maps app.GPS Navigation Nearby Places - Places Around MeLocate your current position with GPS and it will show you the nearest Bank, Bar, Halal Restaurants, Bakery, Gas Station, Hospital, Railway Stations, Airports, Post Office, Clubs, Mosques, Churches, Temples, Hotels, Movie Theaters, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Theaters, and Taxi Stands on the Map.GPS Map Route FinderAllow the user to find the route to the destination address with one click. Route Finder Helps you to find distance and traveling time between starting and ending location address with shortest and easiest path available. GPS Route Finder helps in Navigation during driving route to your destination on Maps. Travel around World and navigateusing any method of your own transportation.Share Current Location on Google MapIf you are lost somewhere this feature will help you out & you can share your current location with your loved ones. It's easy. Global GPS Navigation & Maps will allow you to share your current location with any social app.Translate Any Language to any Language It's the best feature for travelers who don't know how to speak or write in the Japanese language. It's easy as anything, Just type in your own language and get translated into the Japanese Language vice versa.Weather ForecastLive weather forecast from all around the world. It's a complete package for travelers who are planning to go to Japan. They can get exact weather forecasts. Daily and hourly weather report app for whole world. Get the required forecast information with just a click.Currency ConverterConvert your own currency into required currency. It's live time Forex Rates. Your currencies can be converted to live exchange rates easily with this amazing converter app. No need to remember currency exchange rates list for conversions.Convert Signboard to TextConvert sign boards written in any language Language to English it will make your travel easier. You can travel any highway or City you can translate any signboard to English immediately.
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