"Welcome! Prontopia connects you with on-demand Locals for help to get around the city:- An on-demand city solution that's easy as 1-2-3:1. Open the App2. Set your location3. Request a Local, and within minutes your new friend in the city will arrive by foot to help you- Get to where you need to go: Every Prontopia Local was interviewed and background checked to help ensure you feel safe and stress-free while getting you and your belongings to your rental, hotel, flight, train, tour, reservation, or wherever you want to go. - Know your transportation options: Prontopia Locals inform you about the various choices available and can lead you on the best path specific to your interests.- Get to know the city the local way: Prontopia Locals know their city. Whether trying to reach to your destination, or planning your next adventure, request a Local to learn insider tips about the city.Prontopia is currently available in Venice, Italy, and coming soon to other walkable cities. Join our mailing list at https://www.prontopia.com/contact and we'll keep you posted. Any questions? Ask us at hello@prontopia.com"Your service was a lifesaver! Valentina was great. This took all the stress out of getting to the hotel which was very hard to find. I hope you expand this service to other venues."- Henk, Retired Fun"Claudia was absolutely amazing! You have a gem! Thank you... I would have had a meltdown if she had not rescued me! We would have never found our hotel. Thanks to Claudia my stress dissipated and we can enjoy our too short stay."- Sarah, Family Traveler"Just to let you know Giulia went above and beyond today. Our entry into Venice (despite my blip) was smooth. Giulia made us feel so comfortable and shared her knowledge of Venice. Believe me, my wife and I would still be wandering these wonderful yet confusing streets of this ancient city."- Mark, Retired Fun"As a seasoned traveler I still had reservations about visiting Venice. I suspected Venice might be a more challenging destination than others I had visited and was very fortunate to discover Prontopia. Our fabulous guide Carlotta made our arrival and the transfer to our lodging destination seamless and more importantly made us feel we had a local friend in Venice."- Colleen, Girls Trip "To have someone there right when we stepped off the plane, to personally greet us with a smiling face, took a tremendous load off of our family. Prontopia was an invaluable service to us that gave us the confidence to find our way quickly and easily. After traveling over 12 hours to arrive in Venice, jumping into a foreign language in terms of speaking and reading confusing signs was frightening."- Jeff, Family Vacation "After a long trans-Atlantic flight with my 13 year old daughter - her first trip abroad - it was a wonderful relief to have our Local meet us as soon as we arrived in Venice. She sorted out our tickets, helped with our luggage and escorted us to our hotel. The photo she snapped as we entered the city is already framed and hanging where I can see it everyday. She set the tone for an amazing Italian holiday! We used the app again when leaving Venice via train and once again it worked perfectly."- Susan, Family Traveler"It's very reasuring arrive in a city that you have never been before, and know that somebody will be there to help you arrive to your apartment or hotel, as fast as possible in a way that the locals do. The platform is easy and there is always someone to assist you, in a few minutes you have someone to help you. And during your way, you can have a pleasure conversation with someone that lives in the city, and is willing to present his home to you."- Valeria, Family Traveler
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