Austin.City powered by DigitalTownThe Austin.City App is the insiders guide to exploring cities; from your local high street to your latest travel destination. The App has a Local-First approach which supports small businesses and communities - from Restaurants, Shops and Hotels to Tour organizers and Event planners. Engage locally with the people who live in the City.The App includes functionality that allows you to book a hotel, look up the best restaurants, book tours and find reputable services in the area. In addition, find information on the best events and attractions in the city and book these right from the App. The App includes a powerful Local Search engine, making it easier than ever to find the information you need about your city.Through your DigitalTown profile you create a global digital identity, which allows you to convey your preferences across the range of services and products available in the App. With your DigitalTown identity you can participate in local engagement incentives and benefit from the complete range of functionality available in-App. The Smart Wallet enables you to transfer money from person-to-person, secure and instant.
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