Justcab - Cabs and Trailers

JustCab allows you to order radio taxi and get access to transport trailers for all your transport needs in Just a few simple taps.For Radio Taxi:You can request for a premium or a normal cabYou can get the normal pick up and drop off services or if you want you can rent it by the hour or let us take you to other cities, with our flexible tariff plans and personalized choices we can make that trip you are thinking about happen.We connect you with nearby licensed, fully-insured driversAnd you can pay your taxi fare with a credit card or PayU in the app, or pay with cashAfter the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve your experience.For Trailers:Just fill up the details for your request and we will try to connect you with the best possible options in the market and get you most reliable options we will do the negotiations for you and provide exclusive services through our contracts with shippers.Trailers are available across India
Operating System Android