AddTo New Orleans

AddTo New Orleans shows you some of the best places in one of the most important cities in America. See Jackson Square, the National WWII Museum, City Park, Cafe du Monde (open since 1862), Louis Armstrong Park, Audubon Park, the French Market, Bourbon Street, St. Louis cemetery and more! AddTo New Orleans lets you create your own map, photo album and travel diary.This version adds pinch zoom and double tap ability to resize photos. Now you can expand and shrink your photo by pinching two fingers together or apart on the photo. To go to the full zoom in or out, just tap your finger twice on the photo.The Ultimate Travel GuideWhat is the ultimate travel guide? It is the travel guide that you write from your own experiences. See your photos and read your notes from the great places you have visited. Build your own map and album. Export your creations via email. Send your notes, photos and maps to your friends. Explore, create and share!At any time you can add a note or photo to your album. If you have allowed location, then your current location will be added to that note and photo.If the location is known, then the default behavior is to add your note or photo to your map (My Map). You can remove any note or photo from the map by pressing the minus button in the lower left corner. You can add any note or photo to the map by pressing the plus button in the lower left corner.Use the News Feed feature to keep up with AddTo news, including the latest releases of AddTo applications.AddTo, Orleans, Bourbon, Armstrong, Louis, Jackson, riverboat, aquarium, USA, map, diary, travel, fun, guide, vacation, Louisiana, south
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