LIberty Fleet Driver

With Liberty's Fleet Driver App, organizations can connect with Liberty to accept and perform rides in communities where we deploy Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Public transportation buses, senior center vans, specialty non-emergency medical providers, taxis and more can all participate in Liberty MaaS with this service.Log-in to the Fleet Driver Application and perform the rides assigned to you through the Fleet Manager portal dispatcher. All Fleet Driver App accounts must be tied to a manager with a contract arranged through Liberty before they are able to accept and perform trips. The Fleet Manager sets the user name and initial password for each account.Depending on the community, individual passengers as well as organizations like hospitals, dialysis clinics, employers, churches, and more can request rides directly on any mode of transportation using Liberty's MaaS technology. Using our Passenger App, Call Center, or Enterprise Portal they can tap, click, or call to directly request a ride with our partner organizations.Safety is our top priority and the Liberty Fleet Driver App tracks the location every 4 seconds just in case you or your passenger needs help or extra support.Please note Liberty's Fleet Driver App can use a large amount of data depending upon utilization and can drain your battery. Liberty Mobility Now does not reimburse the cost of the data or pay for wear and tear on the tablet or phone.
Operating System Android