ReadMyBoP - Read My Boarding Pass

ReadMyBop scans and decodes the data stored in PDF417 barcode printed on airline boarding passes. The raw content encoded is displayed as well. Other barcode types will be displayed as raw data.It recognizes 10 digit ITF-14 baggage tag barcodes.Solely for educational purpose.Starting with version 1.4 all mandatory fields and most optional fields are read and interpreted where possible.IMPORTANT: This app does not transmit any data over the internet and does not store data after exiting the app. Solely access to camera is required.This app uses the following open-source libraries:ZXing Android EmbeddedCopyright (C) 2012-2017 ZXing authors, Journey MobileLicensed under the Apache License 2.0Icon Airplane Ticket by MRFA from the Noun Project
Operating System Android