Hello World - Travel discovery & Travel Wallpapers

Hello World. is a mixture of a wallpaper app and a travel discovery app. Browse wallpapersSift through thousands of hand picked QHD-ready wallpapers to find the perfect one for you. Or start building your own collection with adding wallpapers to your favorite. Set them as you like. Bored with a single wallpaper? Set a wallpaper on your lock screen and another one on your home screen (Requires Android 7.0, Nougat and above). Still bored? With the Auto Wallpaper feature the app will surprise you with new wallpapers based on your preferences - you can select the categories the refresh rate and more. Care for the small details? Whether you only want to set a small part of a wallpaper on your screen or you want to make sure your wallpaper will be fixed and won't scroll - try out our cropping tool. Discover unique locationsThe app showcases the most interesting and unique places around the world. Learn more about every placeFor every location there's a collection of curated information about the sights, cuisine, wildlife, climate, and more - waiting for you to explore. Check back everyday for new contentWe'll be constantly adding new places and wallpapers for you. This means new high quality content every day. GET IN TOUCH. We're always happy to hear your thoughts. Have some tips for adding your favourite places to the app? Have a feature in your mind what you would love to use in the app? Something not working as expected? Email: support@helloworldapp. net.
Operating System Android