Traveling or even moving to a new city can often be overwhelming, confusing, and expensive. The problem is that current platforms and companies within the travel booking industry don't reflect the experience economy, which is known as the collective investment activity of people who place a higher premium on moments and experiences than they do material possessions. Based on our research, the U. S. tourism industry will increasingly rely on travelers from these emerging economies over the next 5 years. Millennials in particular make up about 72 percent of the travelers in said industry - from studying abroad to vacationing with family and friends. However, many of these millennials grew up in a world with efficient and affordable services like Uber and Airbnb, and currently, the tourism industry is failing to service this vast segment of its audience in the manner they're most receptive to. Our solution is an app that allows travelers to efficiently and affordably choose the way that they experience everything that a new destination has to offer, by matching with an expert native that shares their interests and can guide them around the city. We call it, Kolu. So for instance, when you travel, you might prioritize scoping out life nightlife scene before anything else. With Kolu, you can avoid tourist traps and find some of the best places to go clubbing in that area, or hole-in-the-wall bars that aren't often advertised through the guidance of the local expert you match with.
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