Family & Friends Tracker with GPS Navigation

Stay connected to those who are matter most for you through friends and family location android app. Locate, massage, or check-in instantly when you want to hold meeting with them or plan a tea party. Get alerts when family members and friends come and go as you need to update every moment in this fast life and plan your trip through friend tracker apps. Send them message and save their location in your map and stay connected to closest friends. Hold small meet ups without wondering where everyone is and where you are, simple check-in and rush over their location tracker. Send alerts when you need help and real time step by step location of family members. Track movements of family members when you need to help them and guide through live earth map. Navigate your car before set safe and danger zones for children and grand parents & gets alerts about entering and leaving. See detailed location tracking options on the map once your friend accept your request and find out current location. You always lost pr forgot your family and friends location? Then you don't need to worry, here is best family and friends locator app which gives you every time their location on the phone. Just store their location history through sms. After making in your circle you need to find their exact location and track them all as you want to go or visit them. No need to disturb them every time by calling or message where they are, simply open friends and family locator app and check their location on the google map. Click on the button to take shortest route and reach at desire location. This family locator application is great for parents, kids, collage students, university students and grandparents as they need to know every family member current position, to not making route out of the city. If students make plan to visit out of the city, at least parents and friends will be not worry about their travel and location, because their location will be on their phone. Simply, open family locators' apps and have their current location. No need to worry their friends and grandparents as they are placing at your phone. You can search and meet them anytime by opening friends and family tracker app and hold chat session with them. Technology is fast growing; you need to have this kind of application that gives you all updates regarding your husband, children at once they go out of the city. Find family and friend live location of mobile number is very useful app that able you to find friend and get her location on the map. Gps navigation tracker will also provide you track your family and friends as you need to meet them. One of the best friends finding app that create your friend book in the history. We haven't kept any privacy of the user. It's all about user data that will have any form in the user phone. We just providing them a systematic way where they could be able to find each other through sms and navigate at their place by find out current position.
Operating System Android