Angkor Sankranta Map

Developed and presented by KETO Original. Angkor Sankranta Map is a event app specifically for the 2017 Angkor Sankranta (Traditional Khmer New Year) event organized by the Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia (UYFC) in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Containing: Discovery of all events of 2017 Angkor Sankranta (detailing on activities, time, location and mapping area) - Sorting of events (by date and categories such as Feature Events, Religious, Popular, Competition, Fun, Art, Educational, Sport/Martial Art, Concert etc) - Calendar of the events/activites to help maximize 2017 Angkor Sankranta experience by allowing users to sort out favorite activities/events and receive alert of such activities/events- Map of events/activities, information area, commercial area, food/drink, parking area, and other emergency units such as emergency aids and security team- News and updated news related to Angkor Sankrata Angkor Sankranta Map App is free of charge and developed for the sole purpose of supporting 2017 Angkor Sankranta Event.
Operating System Android