Location History Viewer

Location History Viewer wraps your Google Timeline/ Google Location History data in a modern, fast and intuitive GUI. It can help you find answers to question like: - 'Where was I five month ago? ' - 'When was the last time I visited San Francisco? ' or - 'What places visited I so far? 'Each answer can be provided in just a few seconds, right after you logged into the Google Timeline with your Google Account. The answers will then be shown on a map as red dots. If you select a single day, the app even shows you what path you took to get to those points. And for hitchhikers, skies, mountain bikers: It's also possible to get more detailed information about the locations the path consists of. The app features: - information about place you visited in a daily, monthly, yearly or all time overview directly fetched from the Google Timeline / Google Location History - a daily view, with details about the path you took to get from one place to another - switch easily between your location history from years, month or days with the fast access buttons on the edges - fast access to the daily location history. Press an information window above a marker and the view will change to the location history of the day you last visited this location. - a scale bar in the bottom right corner so that you can check the distances between places easily - a full screen mode without any GUI elements. Just tap the screen. - multiple user accounts. And to show you that we only access your timeline / location history, we don't even get your email address or profile picture, instead you can give the user account any name you want. - fast access to Google Maps every time you click on a marker (in bottom right corner). - an option to show all recorded markers that your daily timeline / location history consists of (Warning: Can reduce the performance.) - fast clipboard access. When you look at your daily location history, just click any information window above a marker, switch to your messenger app and paste it from your clipboard - a date selector where you can switch between the timeline / location history of single days, months or years with only a few clicks - a modern, fast, easy to use and informative GUI Note: 1. This app retrieves the information from your Google Timeline (in the past Google Location History). Check if you've recorded any data so far on https://www.google.com/maps/timeline or in your Google Maps app. 2. This app only works with internet accessIf you find any bugs or just have some feedback, write me on thermalcamera. app@gmail.com.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.2.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None