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Hobo Traveler is a social network with a "Travel Talk Wall, " where members located in many countries discuss pros, cons and how-to's of travel. Visas, cheap airfares, taxis, rental cars, how to live cheap in Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Thailand, Philippines and 100's of other locations. Rated as the best travel guide on: Nat Geo Adventure. The New York Times. Forbes. TripAdvisor. 100's of members are living abroad in tropical countries, such as Ecuador, Thailand, Philippines. They explain the cost of living, with videos of their apartments and neighborhoods. They have answers to Real Estate questions. Members discover where to go, travel cheap, and share their experiences, photos, videos with others. Live abroad? Rent an apartment? Should you buy in Ecuador, or not? Members save 1000's of dollars by joining and posting specific travel questions to people who are there now, or who have been there. Members can create albums of travel photos, and travel videos to share with friends at home. Safe network. We do not allow mean or insulting comments, as members of the Hobo Travel Community. "Don't talk to strangers is our policy"; we require members to verify they are real people, unlike most forums who just discuss Real Estate sales. Travel the world, live abroad, retire overseas in a tropical paradise, discover Insider information. World Travel Insider information: founder, Andy Lee Graham founder has lived abroad for 19 years, and in 107 countries. He moderates the "Travel Talk Wall. " Andy has the YouTube channel that answers travelers' questions, the "Ask Andy Show. ". There are 130 Countries where people can retire abroad and live cheaply - around 500-2000 U. S. Dollars per month. If you have more money for your travel budget, then you are one of the richest persons in the country. Make friends with travel insiders. Live Abroad, Cheap Airfares, Budget Hotels, Car Rentals, Travel Gear, Earn Money to Travel, Car Rentals, Tours, Tourist Destinations, Paradise Locations, Live Abroad - Change Your Life Today. Join the Travel Community now, and talk with travelers about destinations using the "Travelers Talk Wall". This is better than TripAdvisor, because you can discuss questions with a person. It is better than Facebook because we do not allow confrontation. This is like CouchSurfing on steroids, where you actually get to know people living in foreign countries, and ask them questions until you get answers you understand. Cheap airfares, Budget Hotel, Travelling, Getaways, Wanderer, Around the worldTraveller, Lifestyle, Happiness, Living the Dream, Minimalism, Survivalist, Outdoor Living, Backpacking, Gap Year, Backpacker, Houseboat RV Travel, Mobile Homes, Boondocking, Beach Life, Budget Travel, Couch Surfing, Expat Meetups, Health and Fitness for travel.
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