Trinidad & Tobago Travel Guide

Your official guide to 365 Days of Fun. If you love our food, our festivals, our flora, our fauna or just in for some fun, this travellers' guide to Trinidad & Tobago is filled with things to do and see with automatic trip itineraries, offline maps with navigation and sharing your experiences. This is your personal guide to all things Trinidad & Tobago. IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND YOU HAVE: Information on popular sites and attractions, restaurants, street food, great shopping, events galore and of course, Carnival activities- Customized trip itineraries lets you to create a step by step list of activities for the duration of your trip- No roaming? No problem. 100% offline & Free updates (does not include social sharing like rating a hotel) - Navigation & augmented reality are 100% offlineThis official Trinidad & Tobago travel guide gives you much more than Carnival, because with 365 days of fun tailored made for you, Carnival is just the beginning.
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