World Wander: What's near me

Have you ever been travelling & wondered where you were? What's nearby you? World Wander can tell you what cities are near you as you wander around the world. Read a summary of city information then go the the city's Wikipedia page to learn more. Want to see a map? Just select the Place icon to open Google Maps on the desired city. Great for world travelers or a day trip near home. Get location information about the cities near you as you travel. Uses GPS and networks to determine location then downloads city information periodically to keep you up to date. It does this with minimal battery usage and efficient data downloads. Try the Demo feature to take a famous journey when you don't have time to travel. Drive across Route 66 in the U. S. or take a ride on the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul. Use the GPS feature to get raw location information. Latitude, longitude, accuracy of location, altitude, speed & bearing are all available. Whatever the location provider (GPS or network) sends, this screen will display. Permissions. World Wander is a location based app so it needs user location permission. However, on Android 6.0 & later, you can try the demo mode without giving permission. Disclaimer. World Wander attempts to balance the need for current information with battery and data usage. To achieve this balance, new city information is downloaded 2 - 5 times per hour. Thanks to NDTank for the icon and Feature Graphic designs. www.NDTank.comhello@ndtank.comFeatures used in development: ActivityFragment (with an interface for inter-fragment communications) ServiceFusedLocationApiGoogleApiClientRecyclerView. AdapterContentProviderSQLite databaseGSON (for parsing data from a REST API) SharedPreferencesViewPagerNavigationViewSwipeRefreshLayoutAPI 23 (Marshmallow) permissions.
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