Houston Metro Transit

If you live in, or are just visiting Houston, you need Houston Metro Transit app NOW. Get information on the upcoming events in your beloved city, ie, Houston, TX. We are now also available on Android Wear. If you have an Android wear device, just update the app to its latest version and the wear version of the app will appear on the Android Wear Device. Presently we are showing nearest station and the trains arriving/leaving from this station. More features will be added in due course. Android Wear Now has route to nearest station feature. Get latest updated and LIVE real-time departures from your stations where you will get up-to-the-minute departure timings of the next upcoming train to your destination. The unique point of this app is that you can know what amenities around any of the stations; like Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, ATMs, Restaurants, Theaters, Parking, Gas Stations, Auto Repairs etc.Other outstanding features of Houston Metro Transit are;1. Fare between any two stations3. Get latest up to the minute status at any Train Station or Bus Stop. This includes the approximate actual arrival times at the stations4. Amenities around the stations: Get instant access to all the citizen amenities situated around the station of your choice like Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, Restaurants, Theaters, Parking, Gas Stations, Auto Repairs etc.5. Locate the stations nearest to your location and get instant information on the trains leaving for various destinations. 6. Online map of the network - you can see the actual GPS coordinate based map of the whole network based on the chosen line (colour coded). Please note that real time departures and schedules are sourced directly from the Houston Metro Transit System servers. Accuracy of this information depends on these servers. Please treat this app as a tool to estimate your trip timings and schedule, please do not expect 100% accuracy.
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