Time-lapse photography

Great for travel, nature studies, vacations, photo journalism, photo documentation, and scientific time-lapse photography. SentimentalJourneys is a great way to document any long event. Just start the camera and it automatically takes a photo every 15 minutes (or 60 minutes). Great for supplying context to all the other photographs you take. You keep the phone in your front pocket or wear your phone in a holder around your neck so that the camera is always facing forward. The phone will operate in either portrait or landscape mode with most phones. The landscape preview is a little compressed, but the actual pictures that are saved are fine. Simply press the START button and the photography begins. An audible signal alerts the user about 3 seconds before the photograph is taken. The audible warning and audible shutter snap can be turned off via the Options Menu. SentimentalJourney collects photos until the user presses the STOP button. You can interrupt SentimentalJourneys to take regular photographs any time you want. Photographs are stored on the SD card. They may not be visible on the phone, but you will see them when you connect your phone to your PC. If you need help, I will be happy to spend a few minutes with you on the phone (321.252.8205).
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