The AD Wi-Fi call and text app, from Rockwell Collins ARINCDirect, lets you place and receive calls and texts on your personal cell phone, using your own number anywhere in the world from your aircraft. The app utilizes the broadband Inmarsat (SBB and JX) and Viasat Yonder connection from your aircraft. Using the ARINCDirect app you will avoid incurring roaming or international charges. With the AD Wi-Fi call and text app throughout all phases of flight, you receive: Smart Caller ID: Always know who is calling you. Contacts: Use the contacts already in your phone for calls and text messaging. View All Missed Calls: Even if your phone was turned off. HD Call Quality: Perfect reception over Wi-Fi. App to App features (also compatible with ground-based YouRoam application). Free calling and free texting. Send pictures, videos, voice memos or your location to anybody in your contact list using the same App. See your contact's online status, schedule meetings and start conversationsOther benefits of using the AD Wi-Fi call and text app: Low, fixed monthly charge per user for unlimited voice calls and texts. Works with any Wi-Fi airborne smart router. Policy-based routing and QoS available on multiple airborne router. Works using your ARINCDirect broadband connection onboard the aircraftAfter downloading, please contact your ARINCDirect salesperson to request activation. ARINC Direct: Direct Wi-Fi call and text support:
Operating System Android