Safone is a personal safety app that accompanies you safely to your destination. It turns your phone into an alarm, keeping you safe and your loved ones reassured at all times. Designed to make you feel safe, with a nifty feature on top. Thanks to its unique "unplug phones to trigger alarm"-feature, Safone is a simple yet effective solution to keep yourself safe in the modern urban environment. Even better, its Guardian system also ensures that your loved ones are with you, every step of the way. What so special about Safone? Safone sounds an alarm as soon as you unplug your headphones or press the distress button, automatically notifying your loved ones when you're at your destination or in need of help. So. have you ever felt worried on that last dark lit piece of road from the bus stop to your house? Or do others regularly worry about your safety? With Safone, we guarantee both of you will feel reassured. Just like when you receive or send that one message: "No worries, all good. C u later. ". How does Safone work? Simply launch the app when you're on your way, and as soon as you've arrived, Safone automatically notifies your loved ones that you're fine. If you're in need of help, Safone instantly sounds an alarm when you unplug your headphones or push the help button, sending your location to one or more Guardians. Who is it for? Parents: whenever your kids are on their way to school, outdoors activity. Safone will automatically notify you when they've arrived safely. Teens: Mom and dad are always asking you to text when you've arrived? Well, with Safone you're safe, as they'll get an automatic notification. Easy. Young adults: Face it, walking home by yourself sometimes makes you feel unsafe. So let Safone be your personal alarm, with your guardian always nearby. Safone features list. Your phone as an alarm. Feeling unsafe? Unplug your headphones to sound the alarm. Or. Simply push the Help. button to sound the alarm. Rely on your Guardian (s), whether you're safe or in need of help. Location in a single click: When you're in need of help, your Guardian can easily see your location. Automatic notifications as soon as you've arrived safely. Safone basic is free, and it will always be free. For just 8 cents per day you can unlock its full potential Free or paid version? You decide. There's both a free and a paid version of Safone. Subscribing for just 8 cents per day unlocks premium features such as adding more Guardians and saving up to 10 destinations. We are constantly working on new premium features. DisclaimerContinued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. In order to preserve your battery, the app checks every 30 minutes if you are still on your way.
Operating System Android