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Since 2012 Pirates RU is the first and main Russian travel blog about the ways to travel cheap. Cheap plane tickets, last-minute tours, hotels discounts - we monitor them all, so you could afford the trip you've always dreamed about. The app is available only in Russian language and features deals staring from Russia. Pirates RU Application by Pirates. Travel Russia will allow you: get push notifications about updates, so you will be the first one to know about cheap tickets&tours. So you'll be able to buy the hottest offer faster- pick notifications that are only relevant to you: choose tickets/tours/hotels- pick only regions that are relevant to you"Russian Blog about different ways to save on your trips. All the offers and air companies sales described in a simple and clear language with instructions on what to do" (c) Gorod. Afisha"Travel Agency Yourselves" -- is a motto of "Pirates". They got under one roff all the best deals from air companies, hotels and Travel Agencies. The service is great both when you are waiting for something in particular adn also when you have your vacations soon, but still got no idea where to go. " (c) National Geographic"Professionals of the tourist market - the web-site about travel deals for independent travelers" (c) LifeNews"Web-site that is specialized in finding a cheap deals for yourists" (c) lenta.ruOur posts have already helped thousands of travelers to buy and organize a dream trip. We search - you travel. Pirates. Travel - Travel cheap. be the first to know about the deals - download Pirates RU App right now.
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