SHPACK: Share, Pic & Pack

TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL and TRAVEL. SHPACK: Share, Pic & Pack is The ultimate TRAVEL APP that AUTOMATICALLY shares your journeys amongst friends. Sharing is at the core and heart of every travelers' nature. It is for these people that we've created SHPACK, a powerful, intuitive app that captures every moment, feeling and experience and automatically saves it into SHPACKERS' smartphone. You can fully enjoy any journey without the hassles or burden of gathering, sending or receiving photos. Never waste time again chasing down photos you didn't get after a journey. SHPACK is a TRAVEL APP that enables travelers to focus on what they love most: traveling. Three key CONCEPTS come together with SHPACK: SHARE: Traveling is sharingSharing is embedded in Travelers' DNA. There is no place for selfishness while traveling. It expands your experiences and emotions to unknown levels. You travel, you Share, you SHPACK. PIC: Capture ExperiencesPictures are at the heart of any experience & capture the essence of the journey. They transport Travelers back to mind-blowing moments. Your adventures come back to life through SHPACKERS' pictures. Your Pictures, your STORIES. PACK: Pack if neededJust pack your stuff and go. No need for big backpacks. Travel light and enjoy the ride. Your memories are your luggage. Never in the SAME PLACE for long. SHPACKER, YOUR JOURNEYS TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL, WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF TRAVELING. No need to waste time sharing photos anymore. Just open a journey with your friends and take the photos with the "Camera APP", then they will be shared automatically with SHPACKERS on your journey. >SHPACK Share Pic & Pack main features: Invite SHPACKERS to travel with 5 exclusive invitations. Automatically SHARE your experiences with photos taken. on the "Camera APP". Save FULL QUALITY pictures on your device. Save FULL QUALITY journeys on your device. Past Journeys STORED and ORGANIZED. PRESS & HOLD the photo to display the options. We are happy at SHPACK to begin the adventure and start the most amazing journey together with you.
Operating System Android