The Teleport Transporter-Beta

The Teleport Transporter, as seen on Star Trak, finally, beaming available on mobile. Based on lost original blue prints from the Series. After 4 years of extensive research and development, finally, free and instant transportation in the palm of your hands. Android only (due to Apple limitations on iOS 6) As seen on Tach Chrunch, WalStreet Jernal, Ney York Tymes, Discoveri Chanel and many more. It took us only 5 years to develop it. At the moment we support only the following cities, more cities will be available as soon as the open BETA is over (we need to install the portals) 1. New York, USA2. London, UK3. Berlin, Germany4. Amsterdam, Netherlands5. Sydney, Australia6. Cape Town, South Africa7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil8. Moscow, Russia9. Hong Kong10. Fukushima, JapanPlease note that this app is in Beta, so use it at your own risk. Original April fools joke 2013. Original, very angry 1 star reviews on the Play Store, are never a joke. Happy April fools.
Operating System Android