We Are Go Vacationauts

Get attraction info, take space quizzes, interact with Vacation Control, collect points & badges with the Vacationaut App, brought to you by We Are Go Florida. The Vacationaut app is free and includes: Upcoming Florida launch information. Interactive map of the destination with space attractions, Florida and compass features. Space news. Educational and fun personality quizzes. Earnable badges. Exciting points and rank system. Exclusive messages from Vacation Control and the Vacation Commander. Photo enhancements and filters. Photo and video galleries. And more. Download the app, and make space a part of your next Florida Vacation. Because We. Are. Go. This app uses your location for map and compass features, as well as for check-ins to achieve specific location-based badges. These locations are collected even if the app is in the background. Location settings can be configured in your phone's settings.
Operating System Android