SwitcheZ USA

SwitcheZ is the World's First Parking App dedicated just for College Students in the United States of America. Finding Parking is now a fast, stress-free, and fun networking experience that makes life as a College Student easier. SwitcheZ is the only app designed to help you find a parking spot within minutes at your school, help you earn some extra cash, and more. Your Benefits: + Save hours of your time. + Save money spending less on gas. + Get a free ride straight to your car from wherever you are. + Make Money every time you use SwitcheZ to leave campus. + Find a parking spot exactly where you want within minutes. + Connect with colleagues to expand your social or business network. + Google Maps accuracy and turn-by-turn directions. + 24/7 Support to ensure you have a safe and reliable experience. Make the most out of your college experience by spending more time creating memories and less time in the parking lot. Join the SwitcheZ movement for free now. Visit www.switchez. us for more info. #BeTheSwitch.
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