Locate Me by Text

After the installation of this App, the phone can respond to a secret request TEXTed from an authorized phone number and send back its location. NOTE: you must set up the authorized phone number (caller ID) and the secret request in the App's settings after the installation. How does it work? You only need to install this App on the tracked phone. Supposed you want to use phone-A to track phone-B. You need only install this App on phone-B. And the number of phone-A is to be input as the Authorized Phone Number in the settings of the App installed on phone-B. The first time running the App on phone-B, you must set up the Authorized Phone Number (caller ID) and the Secret Request. In our example, you set the first Authorized Phone Number as the number of phone-A, and the Secret Request as: Where are you? After setting up, the authorized caller (phone-A) can TEXT the exact secret request (Where are you? ) in the SMS message to phone-B. Wait for up to two minutes to receive the best known location of phone-B. The location (excluding the descriptive information in the parenthesis) can be input into the Google Map to do a search. NOTE: Both the tracked cell phone and the authorized caller cell phone must be able to send and receive SMS messages. IMPORTANT: There may be charges by your service provider for sending or receiving SMS messages. A phone can only get its location when it can receive and handle GPS signals, or when it can receive location data from the network. These can help for a better chance to get a location: Enable the phone to get location from both GPS and the network. Have a data plan. BY INSTALLING THIS APP, YOU AGREE TO THE EULA IN THIS LINK: https://drive. google.com/open? id=0B6JaSp-LN_NCZFhYMVk3bXFPaW8.
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