My Locator

This app was developed by Tomisin Jasmin Ogunnubi, a 12 years old student of Vivian Fowler Memorial College Oregun, Lagos. This app is divided into three sections: Current LocationRemembered LocationAlert ButtonCURRENT LOCATIONThis automatically shows your current location while the VIEW ON THE MAP button shows the current location and the neighboring streets. SAVE MY CURRENT LOCATIONThis saves your current location and remembers it for future reference. REMEMBERED PLACEThis section of the app displays the saved location and its GPS. SHOW DIRECTION FROM CURRENT TO REMEMBEREDPeradventure, you move to another location, this button goes to google map and show the route from your location to your remembered place. ALERT BUTTONOne of the developers vision is to protect a user. Therefore, a feature has been added to the app which helps in times of emergency. The ALERT button is connected to Lagos State Emergency Service number (767). When the button is pressed, Lagos State Emergency number would be called and a message showing your current location will be sent to them for an urgent help.
Operating System Android