RiskAhead Crime Map

RiskAhead is your global tool to inform about violence in your vicinity and report crime anonymously. Avoid crimes, violence, natural disasters and catastrophes via warnings about attacks, vandalism, drug abuse, car robbery, thefts, shootings, sexual harassment, rape, murder, terror bombing, terrorism and further more. The risk report and crime map is completely available in your language and supports over 15 other languages. Experience No Hazards - Just one click to Safety. Risk map features. Travel and while Abroad - Inform yourself about any potential safety problems. Family and Neighborhood - Report security threats in your vicinity to inform others. Women Protection - Warnings or incidents of sexual harassment and rape of women are emphasized. Global Conflict Analysis - Follow the world conflicts through reports made by the local people and refugees. Self-Help community - Report witnessed dangers for the global security network. Modify your incident report by adding a variety of details on the crime map Violence reports featuresGet informed about crimes and hazards with a heat map. Check for dangers via a heat map and categorized incident icons. Attacks, sexual harassment or rape of women and future hazards get special icons on the map. For protection RiskAhead notifies about attacks in the neighborhoodInform people about dangers and threats. Report witnessed incidents with a categorized report structure. Verify reports on dangers to certify the reliability of other reports. Add details to the incident report on the crime map Free global risk reports, danger and crime map for your safety, security and protection. http://www.riskahead. nethttps://www.facebook.com/RiskAheadApphttps://twitter.com/RiskAheadContactsupport@riskahead. net.
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