Get There

Have you ever wondered about what bus/train/ferry/plane to take to get to or from a certain location - especially in a foreign city? Get There is an app designed to help answer those questions. It allows you to easily transit to your required location without knowledge of public transport services - it provides this knowledge for you. Get There is an application which provides worldwide transit routes from most worldwide locations to most other worldwide locations. Transit routes include walking, taxi/car, bus, train/tram, ferry and air. Travellers use it to get around unfamiliar places with ease and without the need for city specific transit applications. In addition, links are provided to transit agencies allowing for up to date timetables, prices, and status reports. Integrated street views (where available) are also provided in order to see what a location looks like on the street - allowing for the visual familiarization of locations instead of just a map. The transit simulation feature allows you to see exactly where the route will take you along with what transport type & which transit agencies are required on each hop. In short, Get There is a travel companion & the only transit app you'll ever need. Free version features include: Search for routes from current location. Set destination by specifying location or picking off a map. Integrated links/browser to transit agencies - allowing for up to date status, costs, timetables. Integrated street views - see what locations look like in the street instead of simply relying on maps. Simulate travel - animates travel route showing transit types & transit agencies as it runs along a map. Last 20 searches are automatically saved - good for when performing a search is required (older searches are automatically deleted) Full version has all the features of the free version and adds the following: Search for routes originating from a previously saved location, specifying a location, picking a location on a map. Set destination from previously saved locations. Ability to save searches (for conducting the search in the future). These searches are never automatically deleted. Ability to save locations (good for when remembering a location is required). No ads. Keywords: transport, transit, travel, tourist, bus, plane, fly, street, taxi, world, explore, drive, walk, city, navigate.
Operating System Android