Athens Places

Discover attractions, businesses and services in Attica, with that smart and innovative application, Athens Places, designed for more than 10, 000 different Android phones and tablets. The app detects your location and shows you all of our listings by distance. Apply your preferred category filter and limit the results. Find what you want by using the search bar. Offline ModeThe application has a great acceptance in Greek and foreign travelers who wish to find interesting points in Athens, but the have none or limited data on their devices. In response to this, we offer the application in offline mode, so the use of internet is not necessary in most functions. Categories. Favorites. Hotels. Apartments. Food & Drink. Nightlife. Shopping. Transportation. Public Services. Attractions. ATMListingsEvery listing includes the full address, the distance from your device, web url to visit the official website of the point and an one touch to call phone number. Also a map to explore the close area and a navigation option on foot, by car or by Athens public transportation system. Apart from the detailed description text, you can share the listing with other apps, such as Facebook, Whatsapp etc. LanguagesThis application was built in a Greek and an English version. The app is detecting your device's default language and choosing which version to display.
Operating System Android