Greenway Partner

Description for Greenway Partners: NOTE: This app is designed for Registered Greenway Taxii drivers only. If you're looking for Greenway Taxii customer app, please download the Greenway Taxii app directly from the store or visit www.greenwaytaxii.com for more information. This Greenway Taxii app can be used as a basis for an advanced online Track & Trace system. The app communicates vehicle positions, availability information, route and entry and exit times. This data can be used for fleet management and trip planning. Download the Greenway Taxii Partner app today. By signing up with Greenway Taxii Partner you can earn more and manage your business efficiently. With this Greenway Taxii Partner app you can: Track the real-time location of all your cars and drivers- Monitor the performance of your cars and drivers- Receive alerts of important events - View detailed reports of your earnings and individual Driver cash collectionEnjoy. This is all for you. Please note that the Income depends on your performance and city.
Operating System Android