Venice Art Guide Free

This is a free trial version of the Venice Art Guide App. This application contains a sample of what you can find in the full app - there are detailed descriptions of six of the over one hundred locations (churches, scuole and museums) in the fabled city of Venice described in the full version. This free trial gives you samples of the biographies of artists found in the full app, with a sample of five of more than a hundred. Tintoretto, Carpaccio and more. Using the app couldn't be simpler - browse the Highlights, browse by Sestiere (neighbourhood) of Venice, or use the built in search function. Just like in the full version, the most significant works catalogued feature detailed notes explaining the history of the works, the identities of the figures, the stories being told and more. Just tap on a work, and read away. Header Photo By Tango7174 - GFDL, https://commons. wikimedia. org/w/index. php? curid=9448409.
Operating System Android